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Directors are the ones who manage the entire company. The company’s shareholders nominate them. Companies Act has clearly stated about the minimum number of directors for various types of business organization. For example, a Private Limited Company must have a minimum 2 Directors and a Public Limited Company should have 3 Directors at least. It may happen that because of some reasons depending upon the companies; shareholders either have to recruit new Directors or have to reduce the number of Directors.


In case if a company is recruiting new Directors, it needs to follow the steps discussed below.

  1. First, we need to verify the age of the new person whom we want to appoint as the Director. He / She must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. After that the director identification number, which is also known as the DIN, should be obtained.

Documents Required

The following set of documents need to be presented while registration.

  1. Identity Proof- For Indians, PAN card while for Foreigners Passport will be needed.


  1. Address Proof- Electricity bill or Bank statement.
  1. Could the director who is being removed from the post hold the shares?

Yes, they may hold the shares.

  1. Can we remove the director even if we have the minimum number of directors?

No. In such cases, you can replace but cannot remove.

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