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Customized Solutions& Continuity Guaranteed!

At R&F we pride ourselves on being professional, flexible, and delivering satisfaction to customers with our professional approach and long-term commitment.

We offer a vast array of accounting and financial services to small, medium and large-scale businesses. We work towards sharing our value and experience all across the world and are driven by a passion to simplify the crucial tasks of accounting and book keeping for businesses.

Accounts Payable

We aim to keep you posted on all vendor invoices and bills. Also, our vision ahead is to automate the entire process of accounts payable so as to make it easier to keep track.

Payment Proposals

We ensure that your creditors are payed on time and there is no bottle neck in the payments which in turn will make sure that your creditor rating and relationships with the vendors are on the growth trajectory.

Accounts Receivable

We focus on collecting payments from your clients through automated invoices that reflect in your financial statement. Manual entries often lead to errors but with our modern tools and approach you will not face this issue as the process gets digitized.


The cash advances and reimbursements made to employees must accurately be reported and accounted for systematically. We make sure our tools help you go through the reporting for all these processes with ease.