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GST return refers to a document that needs to be filled by a taxpayer signifying his/her income that needs to be shared with the tax administrative authorities. It is necessary that all businesses file the GST return if they don't want to be fined. To file the GST return, it's essential that we maintain sales and purchases invoices diligently. Before filling, make sure you have paid tax dues in full otherwise such return will be labeled as invalid.


1. For description of Sales we have to fill GSTR 1 by 10th of the upcoming month. 

2. Monthly details of the inward supplies (Purchases) is to be filled in GSTR 2 by 15th of the next month. In this, the buyer approves the sale made by you as a company.

3. When both the buyer and seller approve the sales GSTR 3 is generated with payment of taxes and is due to be filled by 20th of next month. It is a summary of monthly Sales and Purchases

4. The annual tax return is to be filled in Form GSTR 9 by 31st December of next financial year.

Documents Required

1. List of B2B (business to business) invoices issued to a company/person. This includes invoice date, type, and number.

2. List of B2C (business to consumer) invoices issued to a company /person including its type, date, and number.

3. Details of all export bills to be uploaded

4. Receipts and bank statements


1. Who is supposed to file the GST return?

All those who registered under GST are supposed to file the GST return. Even if no sale or purchase activities have been carried out, you still are required to fill in the return.

2. Is there a consequence for not filling the GST return on time?

In case the taxpayer doesn't pay the return before the due date, he/she is fined with Rs. 100 per day.

499.00 /per month