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The tax return is a form that is filled by the assessee which reports incomes, expenses and other tax information. It allows the individual to calculate their tax liability, tax payments, refunds for overpayment of taxes. Taxes must be filed annually with the report of the company or the individual's income like the dividends of the company or the wages of the individual.




  1. Our executive will collect all the documents and information from you.
  2. We will prepare a Computation of Income and send to you for your approval.
  3. Once you have approved the Computation, ITR shall be filed and acknowledgment will be mailed at your desired e-mail address.
  4. We will attempt to e-verify the ITR. If in case, due to any reason, the ITR cannot be e-verified you will have to send a copy of ITR V (Acknowledgment) to CPC Banglore via Speed Post within 120 days of filing the return.

Documents Required


  1. Form 16 for the salaried class.
  2. Interest Certificates from banks, post offices etc to showcase your income from various income sources.
  3. TDS certificates from form 16A, 16B and 16C, where the tax deducted already is compiled and calculated.
  4. Proofs of investments for saving taxes for example LIC Receipts, School Fees Card, Tax Saving Mutual Fund payments etc.
  5. PAN Card Copy
  6. Aadhar Card Copy
  7. Bank Account number and IFSC Code of all active bank accounts.



  1. What is the last date for filing Income Tax Returns?

The last date for filing ITR for Salaried Employees and Non-Tax Audit Individuals is 31st July of the next financial year and for Companies, Firms or Tax Audit cases it is 30th September of net financial year.


  1. If there is an error in our ITR, can we revise it?

Yes, but only those ITRs can be revised which were filed before due date. Belated ITR cannot be revised. We can revise the ITR as many times as we want before the assessment is complete.




  1. Loans :  ITR for last two years atleast is a must for obtaining any loan, whatsoever. Infact, most of the small businessmen used to file ITRs for this reason alone. But that’s not all.
  2. Refunds : The most rewarding benefit of filing ITRs for salaried class is that their tax is almost always over deducted and they can get a sizeable amount of refund by careful tax planning and detailed disclosure of their Salary.
  3. Carry Forward of Losses : Those businesses which have just begin and are incurring losses due to heavy initial investments should take advantage of the situation and file ITRs so that they can carry forward their losses and set them off from profits of coming years. It’s a huge tax saving benefit that a lot of unaware businessmen choose to forego.         
  4. VISA Processing : A lot of countries require the ITR for processing the VISA. Specially for USA, UK and Europe.


Why Choose Us?


Our firm has an experience of  20+ years in Direct Taxes. We have a team of CAs that are dedicated to the sole practice of Income Tax Act and therefore, you get the most professional tax advice possible at the rates that fit your pocket.