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Limited liability partnership or LLP comes under the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008. As the name suggests, it provides business owners with a form of limited liability that helps them run their business with the flexibility of Partnership without the unnecessary risk of unlimited liability.


  1. Our Executive will collect all the information and documents required.
  2. We will prepare LLP Form 11 and send to you for approval.
  3. Once the approval is received we will submit the form.
  4. We will collect the Financial Statements from you and prepare LLP Form 8 which will then be sent to you for approval.
  5. Once the approval is received we will submit the form.


Documents Required

  1. LLP’s Certificate of Incorporation
  2. LLP Agreement
  3. Bank Statement
  4. Financial Statements approved by management


  1. What are the due dates for filing LLP Annual Return?

An LLP has to submit two forms annually, LLP 11 and LLP 8. While LLP 11 is a management’s report, LLP 8 is details of Financial Statements. Due date for LLP  11 is 60 days from the end of each financial year and due date for LLP 8  is 30 days from the period of six months after end of financial year.

  1. What is the late fees for delay in filing the annual returns of LLP?

Late fees is Rs. 100 per day per form from the due date of each form.