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Statutory Registers are detailed accounts of a company's shareholders, directors, and meetings along with the necessary accounting records. Under the Companies Act 2013, every company has to prepare and maintain at their registered office financial statements, accounting book, and certain required documents to give out a clear picture of their internal affairs. If failed to do so, companies will be liable to give fines and could also face serious prosecution.  It's important for a Company to maintain all these records and registers to function smoothly and efficiently. 



A Statutory Registers is maintained by a company through the following procedure:


  1. All the companies accepting deposits should maintain a depositing register with all the relevant details of the depositor.
  2. Maintaining a shareholder's, depositors and Key managerial personnel (KMP) registers
  3. All the registered charges on the assets, properties with the registrar are to be maintained by the company in the Form number CHG 7. This should be kept at the registered head office of the company. 
  4. Next, a company is supposed to maintain a register of its renewed and duplicate share certificates the Form number SH.2
  5. Maintaining an Employee Stock Options in the form no. SH.6 by the companies is another mandatory requirement by them.


Documents Required

For a Company to maintain statutory registers it requires 

  1. Financial statements
  2. Board meeting book
  3. Register of directors, shareholders 
  4. Register of assets, properties, shares, and securities bought




  1. Is it mandatory for all the companies to maintain statutory register? 

Yes, all the companies registered under company’s act 2013 are required to maintain a statutory register.


  1. What's the need of maintaining statutory register? 

Maintaining a statutory register ensures that a company is working systematically and efficiently. It gives a true and a clear picture of a company's internal affairs.