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One Person Company is a new concept introduced by the Companies Act, 2013. The main benefit of registering a one-person company is that only one person or director can own a company. The incorporation does not need two or three people/director for registration. The most imperative thing that needs to be taken care of by the owner of the OPC is that the OPC will be converted to a Private Limited Company if its revenue exceeds 2 crores.


  1. Our executive will collect all the documents and information from you.
  2. We will apply for Digital Signature (DSC)
  3. We will apply for DIN
  4. We will apply for Name Approval
  5. We will apply for Company registration

Documents Required

  • Identity Proof- PAN is a Mandatory Identity proof needed for the registration of One Person Company.
  • Address Proof- Passport or Driver’s License, Aadhaar and Electricity Bill or Bank statement can be used as address proof.
  • Registered Office proof- Rental Agreement, Property Tax Receipt and Electricity bill of the Office can be used.


  1. Whether the NRI can register an OPC.

No. Only the person who is resident of India can register for OPC.


  1. What is the Tax Rate applied to OPC?
    1. Corporate Income Tax: 30% of the Total Income
    2. Education Cess: 3% of the total Income Tax and Surcharge
    3. Dividend Distribution Tax (DDT): 15%
    4. Surcharge: 5% of such income if the income exceeds one crore
Stamp Duty Extra