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According to this provision, any person can file a revised tax return before the completion of the assessment or before the expiry of one year from the end of relevant assessment year if he has filed the original tax return on or before the due date. A return can be revised for any number of times before the expiry time of a year from the end of the actual assessment time or even before evaluation by the department is completed.



There are certain steps thatare needed to be kept in mind while filing a revised tax return which is as follows.

  1. Revised return can only be filed after the submission and verification of the original return,and then the only original return would ostensibly be considered for withdrawn.
  2. The revised return should be filed in the same method as the original. In other words, if the original return has been filed offline then revised will follow the same method.
  3. The revised return could be filed either in different ITR form or the same one in which original was filed.


Documents required

When filing a revised return for the first time then following are the documents required.

  1. General information documents includes official papers like Aadhar number, PAN number, bank account details, original return, etc.
  2. Income generated from other sources and the documentation invoice
  3. Tax saving investments details
  4. TDS certificates comprising of 16A, 26AS, etc.



  1. I have filed the original return as paper return. Can I file the revised return as e-return?


  1. I have filed the original return as e-return. Can I file the revised return in paper-form?