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ROC or Registrar of Companies comes under the Ministry of corporate affairs and is regulated by the administration of Companies Act 2013. According to this act, there are certain compliances that all the companies are supposed to follow including filling and submitting their returns and documents with the ROC and maintenance of Statutory Registers and Minutes of Meetings. It is compulsory for the companies to follow these compliances to avoid penalty and punishment.

For all our clients who have subscribed to our ROC Compliance Package, we have a Compliance Alarm System, under which we will take care of all due dates and inform our clients in advance which makes you worry free and you can have more focus on running your business and less worry for compliances.


  1. Our executive will collect all relevant information well before time.
  2. After submitting your documents and filling the details, forms would be sent to you for verification in the next step.
  3. Once you have verified the information we will complete the filings and share the acknowledgment with you.

Documents Required

  1. MOA (Memorandum of Association)
  2. AOA (articles of association)
  3. Incorporation certificate
  4. Digital Signatures of all directors.
  5. Other information depending upon type of compliance.


  1. Filing of Annual Return (AOC-4 and MGT-7)
  2. Maintenance of Statutory Registers
  3. Drafting of Board’s Report
  4. Maintenance of Minutes of Meeting
  5. Drafting of Notices
  6. Compliances by Directors such as DIR 3 KYC on regular basis

Why Choose Us?

Our team is not just professional but also highly experienced in the field of Corporate Compliances. Moreover, our scale of operations allows us to give you the most competitive fees structure.

Also our unique Compliance Alarm System makes it impossible for anyone to miss any deadline.


  1. What are the Compliances that a company has to follow?

Although the type of compliances depend upon the type of Company but a regular Private Limited Company has to fill up AOC 4 for Annual Accounts, MGT 7 for Director’s Report and has to maintain certain statutory registers like Minute book, Member Register etc.

Also, there are several event based compliances like Director Change, Share Transfer, Address Change, Auditor Appointment etc., which are to be undertaken only if a certain event takes place.

  1. Are the Annual Compliances applicable to all the companies?

All the companies registered under the Companies Act of 2013 are required to follow these rules. In the event of non-compliance or delay in compliances company’s name might be struck off and several other penal steps might be taken by MCA.