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Tax deducted at source ensures that the government’s collection of tax is preponed and responsibility of tax is dispersed. The person deducting the tax at source have to deposit the tax through TDS return filing. Submitting TDS return is compulsory for a deductee, it has details of TDS deducted and deposited.



The following steps are to be done while filing TDS returns.

  1. Forms 27A contains a control chart whose all columns must be filled which is then further checked in hard copy form with the e-TDS filed electronically.
  2. The total amounts deducted and deposited at the source have to be correctly filled by the deductee.
  3. The deductees are required to fill the Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN) in form no-27A. This is governed by the section 203A of Income Tax Act in India.


Documents required

When filing TDS return following are the documents required.

  1. TAN Number of the firm
  2. TRACES Login details
  3. Amount of TDS deducted, PAN of deductee, Source of Income from which TDS was deducted and other such information.



  1. What is TAN and is it needed to file the TDS return?

TAN is a 10 digit alphanumerical code required by the person who deducts TDS. It is mandatory for filing TDS Returns.


  1. Is PAN mandatory for deductors and deductees?