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After filing for a trademark application the work of the applicant is not over. Trademark examination is done by the trademark examiner who independently sees your mark which is applied and conducts the search for the similar marks and then issues the examination reports. This report has the list of all the objections that examiner has given within the trademark act.  A trademark cannot be issued if it has any objection.


To check whether your trademark has any objection or not you need to check the application status.

  1. Visit the trademark office's website
  2. Put your trademark application number in the trademark application link.
  3. In this link, the stage is given.
  4. In case your status shows objected, it means a trademark objection is issued for your trademark

Document Required

  1. Name Address and nationality of the applicant
  2. Softcopy of the trademark to be registered
  3. A list of goods and services


1. What is the deadline to file reply regarding the trademark examination report and how much is the fee?

The deadline to file trademark objection report is legally one month from the date of the issuance of the reply. 

2. I missed my deadline; the status is still showing objected. What to do now?

As long as you can see your trademark application status as objected it might still file the trademark objection reply. Mostly, the deadline for filing the reply is calculated from the date of the actual copy of the examination report dispatched to the applicant or attorney on the record address.