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Trademark registration is often obtained for words, logos, numerals, slogans, devices in India. Trademark registration provides the right of the exclusivity to use a specific mark or design to the owner of the trademark for business purposes in the future. Trademark registration is but an extended method involving multiple steps. Trademark registration is essential for a person to make sure that someone else does not claim the ownership of that design or symbol. It is essential to make sure that the design is not misused by another business enterprise for its benefits. The process to avail a trademark registration has been discussed below.


  1. We will make sure that trademark registration is what you require for your product name, design, etc.
  2. We will make sure that your trademark is not similar to or does not match with previously registered trademarks.
  3. We will apply for the trademark registration and provide design chosen, along with your details, and a list of products for which the mark will be used.
  4. The registrar will verify the uniqueness of the mark. In case something similar is found in the market, the registrar will report the objection we will communicate back regarding the issue and perhaps rectify the design slightly for it to qualify.

Documents required:

  • A copy of the brand, ideally in black & white (Optional). Just in case the brand is not provided, the trademark application is filed for the word.
  • A Power of Attorney for our lawyer to represent your organisation in front of the Trademarks Department
  • Identity Proof of the applicant.
  • Address Proof of the applicant.



  1. Is Udyog Aadhar Registration Certificate needed for trademark registration for partnership?

Yes, it is needed for partnership, LLP and for companies.

  1. Is trademark registration mandatory in India?

No, it is not mandatory in India but it is advisable to do so.