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UAE VAT Compliance

A VAT return summarizes the value of the supplies and purchases business has made during the tax period. Filing a VAT return is extremely important in almost 180 countries in the world and the UAE is no different. The country saw this as a new source of income which would reduce dependency on oil and help the government to provide high quality public services. The rate of VAT in the UAE is fixed at 5% in co-ordination with other GCC nations, with a few sectors that classify as VAT-Free.

What is VAT filing?

  1. In the UAE, VAT return filing simply states the amount of VAT that needs to be paid by any business or person on a quarterly basis, to the tax authorities. It allows a business to track and understand their VAT path.
  2. VAT is also charged when a firm registered in the UAE does business with a firm registered anywhere in the world.
  3. The tax is ultimately paid by the end consumer. A business house pays the government, the tax that it collects from its customers and receives a refund from the government on tax that it has paid to its suppliers.

How can we help you?

  1. 100% accurate VAT return filing which leaves no scope for penalties being charged.
  2. Timely reporting with regular updates to keep you posted about progress made.
  3. High level of confidentiality so you can rest assured about data safety
  4. Our affordable rates do not mean we compromise on the quality of work. Every employee is folly trained and equipped to handle international clients.